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Recently, the annual reports of major garment listed companies in 2019 have been published one after another. Our reporter combed the annual reports of 21 garment listed companies. Generally speaking, the fourth quarter of 2019 is slightly better than the first three quarters, but we can see that the industry is still facing great pressure, and the warm winter of 2019 also brings resistance to profits. Among them, sports brands are the best, men's and women's wear are improving.
"Hard won"
According to the 2019 annual report of 21 listed clothing companies, there are three companies with operating revenue of more than 10 billion yuan in 2019. Anta sports is at the top of the list with operating revenue of 33.927 billion yuan, which is significantly ahead of other enterprises. The other two enterprises with annual revenue of more than 10 billion yuan in 2019 are Li Ning's revenue of 13.87 billion yuan and souyute's revenue of 12.965 billion yuan. Since then, there are also three enterprises with a total revenue of more than 5 billion yuan in 2019, including tebuk's revenue of 8.183 billion yuan, Taiping bird's revenue of 7.928 billion yuan and Meibang's clothing revenue of 5.482 billion yuan. Winner fashion, seven wolves and hinur all achieved revenues of more than 3 billion yuan in 2019.
In terms of net profit, Anta sports, which is far ahead of other enterprises by 8.695 billion yuan, has become the enterprise with the highest net profit in 2019. In 2019, there are four enterprises with a net profit of more than 1 billion yuan, which are Ordos net profit of 1.341 billion yuan, Li Ning net profit of 1.266 billion yuan and Tebu net profit of 1.234 billion yuan. Thereafter, the enterprises with a net profit of more than 500 million yuan in 2019 are LiLang's net profit of 980 million yuan, Desu fashion's net profit of 624 million yuan and Taiping bird's net profit of 552 million yuan. Among the 21 listed clothing enterprises sorted out by the reporter, there are 16 enterprises with a net profit of more than 100 million yuan in 2019.
In terms of the year-on-year growth of revenue, 15 of the 21 enterprises have achieved positive growth in operating revenue, with hinur continuing to lead with a growth rate of 108.10%, winner fashion increased by 64.56%, and anzheng fashion increased by 47.83%, ranking second and third respectively. In addition, Li Ning, Tebu, bienlefen, LiLang, Disu fashion, langzi and georgebei all achieved double-digit growth in revenue in 2019.
The year-on-year growth of net profit is much more optimistic than that in the third quarter of 2019. 13 of the 21 enterprises have achieved positive growth of net profit. With 162.16% growth rate, outdoor brand Pathfinder kept the position of the fastest growing enterprise in net profit, followed by Li Ning's 76.90% growth and Anta's 52.5% growth, ranking second and third. In addition, six enterprises including wingaid fashion and Ordos achieved double-digit growth in net profit.
In general, ten enterprises, including Anta, Li Ning, Tebu, winner fashion and anzheng fashion bieyinlefen, have increased their revenues and net profits, while five enterprises, namely, hinur, langzi, jiumuwang, taipingniao and annel, have not increased their revenues, Pathfinder and Ordos have not increased their profits, and four enterprises have lost both their revenues and net profits.
"The rise is gratifying"
According to the annual report data of each enterprise in 2019, the enterprises with double increase in revenue and net profit account for half of the samples, of which 40% are women's enterprises, and 30% are men's and sports enterprises.
In the women's wear sector, the winner of the largest increase in net profit in 2019, fashion said in the annual report that the main reason for the increase in the company's earnings was due to the company's acquisition of keenreach in July 2019. At present, wingaid fashion operates 8 independent brands to meet the different needs of a wider range of customers. After large-scale development, wingaid fashion actively cooperates with dealers, continues to increase the online product portfolio in e-commerce, and strengthens the integration with offline products.
In 2019, Desu fashion will actively explore the multi-dimensional connectivity between online and offline, invite stars to visit Taobao live studio, expand xiaohongshu and other marketing channels, expand fan planting and potential customer mining through social opinion leaders, and continuously enhance the penetration of high-value users. Disu fashion has also reached strategic cooperation with iqiyi's "youth has you 2" variety show, participated in the program recording as an officially authorized clothing brand, and further expanded its influence with the help of iqiyi's large-scale broadcasting effect of video broadcasting platform.
Bi yinlefen said that it has been optimizing the supply chain and channel management in 2019. By the end of 2019, the number of Bi yinlefen offline terminal stores had reached 875, an increase of more than 100 compared with the end of 2018. It is expected that Bi yinlefen will continue to expand offline stores in 2020.
In terms of sportswear, the main reason for Anta Sports profit growth is that its brand FILA is a direct business model, and its gross profit rate is high. The proportion of revenue contribution of FILA brand has led to the increase of the proportion of direct business, thus promoting the increase of interest rate.
Li Ning said that the growth rate of the company's net profit was significantly higher than that of its income, which was mainly due to the increase of gross profit rate, the decrease of sales expense rate driven by the company's reasonable control of advertising and promotion expenses, the increase of interest income from government subsidies and financial products, and the one-off income of 270 million yuan from land disposal of subsidiaries. With the improvement of brand recognition, the group's delivery discount to franchisees increased, and the self-supporting channel The sales discount of new and old products has been improved, and the hang tag cost has been further optimized.
In terms of men's wear, in 2019, George White insisted on the strategy of focusing on business professional wear, supplemented by high-end customization and retail of men's and women's wear, vigorously expanding the school uniform market, and said that in the future, the company will take George White happy life company as the operation platform, and take "future community" as an important strategic direction of the company through overall planning and operation management of specific future social projects.
Seven wolves said in the performance express that in 2019, influenced by many uncertain factors of macro-economy, the economy was under pressure, the company insisted on promoting the implementation of strategy, actively increased market development, and the company's sales revenue

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