Textile finishing industry attention! On July 1, all unquali
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In the near future, the environmental protection news from the textile market continues to burn the nerves of the industry.
Recently, it was learned that Xu village and town in Haining, a domestic home textile cluster, launched a special renovation of textile finishing industry in combination with the "two complete actions". Textile finishing industry is the pillar industry of Xucun town. Composite, bronzing, coating and printing are the important links in the textile finishing industry chain.
In order to maximize the profits, some textile finishing enterprises violate the rules of production, which produces a lot of harmful gases and pollutes the environment. In this regard, Xucun town of Haining, in combination with Haining Branch of Jiaxing Ecological Environment Bureau, took this special remediation action as the starting point, improved policy guidance and legal governance in accordance with the idea of "shutting down one batch, remediation one batch and upgrading one batch", and carried out centralized remediation and upgrading for all textile finishing enterprises.
This industrial renovation lasted from the beginning of May to the end of March 2021. The target of renovation is all textile finishing enterprises (workshops) in Xucun Town, Haining, which are divided into Xucun, Xuxiang, Shenshi and other eight areas, including composite, coating, shaping, printing, flocking and other industries. Through the comprehensive renovation of textile finishing enterprises (workshops), it is determined to close (stop) the enterprises (workshops) that have not approved the construction first, approved the small construction large and other illegal acts, so as to realize the standardization of textile finishing industry.
During the action, the joint inspection team visited the textile finishing enterprises in the jurisdiction, explained the objectives and requirements of the "two actions" in detail to the person in charge of the enterprise, understood the actual production situation of the enterprise, filled in the "Xucun textile finishing industry improvement site inspection record form", and focused on the exhaust gas collection Whether the facilities are installed according to the relevant requirements, and the enterprise business must ensure the normal operation of the facilities.
At the same time, the company is also required to regularly check the pipeline facilities to prevent pipeline gas leakage. In the process of production, textile finishing enterprises will produce pulp, pulp barrel and other solid wastes. The inspection team requires enterprises to build solid waste storage warehouses and stack solid waste uniformly. Warning education shall be given to enterprises that have not established solid waste storage warehouses, and they shall be constructed as soon as possible in accordance with the requirements.
As of May 18, the first round of inspection of Shen Shi film has been completed, with 99 law enforcement personnel dispatched, 33 enterprises inspected (including 26 approved and 7 not approved), 6 enterprises closed (including 2 approved and 4 not approved), 23 approved enterprises issued the decision on ordering to correct illegal acts, 3 enterprises not approved to move out within 5 days, and 1 enterprise closed A fine of 397000 yuan is to be imposed for case investigation.
Haining Xucun town will further improve the entry threshold of textile finishing enterprises, and strictly implement the relevant industry access opinions. By means of Park agglomeration and investment in technological transformation, enterprises (workshops) with industrial advantages and development potential are upgraded.
The national environmental protection regulation will cut off the chemical fiber, printing and dyeing, coating enterprises in Jiangsu and Zhejiang areas: on July 1, all unqualified enterprises were shut down!
On May 15, the Ministry of ecological environment issued a letter on Soliciting Opinions on the 2020 key treatment plan for volatile organic compounds (Draft), which is called to implement the relevant requirements of the notice of the State Council on printing and distributing the three-year action plan to win the blue sky Defense War (GF [2018] No. 22) and reduce the impact of ozone pollution in summer. The Ministry of ecological environment organized the preparation of the 2020 volatile organic compounds Solution for treatment of sexual organic matter (Draft for comments), now for public comments. The deadline for consultation is May 27, 2020.
The exposure draft pointed out that at present, China is facing the double pressure of serious PM 2.5 pollution and increasingly prominent ozone (O 3) pollution, especially in summer. O3 has become the primary factor that leads to air quality exceeding standard in some cities, especially in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and its surrounding areas, Yangtze River Delta, Fenwei plain and other key areas, as well as the border areas between Jiangsu, Anhui, Shandong and Henan.
At the same time, the plan also points out that by the end of June, all regions should organize and complete the screening of VOCs industrial parks, enterprise clusters and key management and control enterprises, and establish management accounts one by one. Focus on the investigation of chemical industries, such as pharmaceutical, pesticide, coating, ink, adhesive, dye, daily chemical industry, chemical aid, synthetic leather, rubber products, plastic products, chemical fiber production, organic chemical raw material manufacturing, etc., furniture, parts manufacturing, steel structure, aluminum profile, casting, metal surface treatment, etc., using solvent-based coating, ink, adhesive and other organic solvents Wire and cable manufacturing, color coated board, industrial coating, electronic components, auto repair, packaging and printing, wood-based panel, leather products, footwear and other industries, as well as 30 industries such as textile printing and dyeing, injection molding and other leading enterprise clusters.
Each enterprise cluster shall unify the rectification standards, time limit, benchmark construction, upgrading, optimization, integration and elimination. Furniture, color coated board, leather products, shoemaking, packaging and printing and other small enterprises cluster focus on promoting source substitution, automobile repair, artificial board and other enterprise clusters focus on promoting optimization and integration, and enterprises that do not conform to industrial policies and have no hope of rectification are shut down and banned according to law.
In addition to the above mentioned contents, the scheme also makes strict treatment in strengthening the relevant management of VOC emission, and even makes precise regulations for the VOC emission value of chemical industry and other industries. Undoubtedly, the scheme has brought great help to the limitation of VOC emission and made great contribution to our common ecological environment.
2020 is the decisive year to win the blue sky defense war, and we will make solid progress

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